We will be moving the active characters to a different roleplay that I have created. There are 1000000 reasons for this, a few being that I’m not as enthusiastic about a Victorious themed roleplay as I once was, little under eleven months ago. Also, I want to be rid of the stigma of drama that once held grip over this roleplay, whilst i’m sure many of you will believe it was the drama that lead to this change, it wasn’t - whilst obviously the drop in character contributed to it, of course. It was by no means why I am leaving this roleplay. I’m spent a lot time and put a lot of work into this roleplay and it is quite sad to let it go, but then I remind myself that I got nearly eleven months out of this roleplay with great activity, characters and members until the very end and many groups won’t ever get that. I started this roleplay when the bios were 3 lines long and I had no idea what I was doing, I think it’s come a long way and it helped me during a very hard time for me - but I digress. This roleplay is now officially closed. If you are an active member but are on hiatus or recently just went off, you will have a message letting you know the new roleplay and that you won’t need an audition and you can bring a new character or the previous character over.

So, yes. I’m rambling, but I feel after so long, that this roleplay deserved a good reason for closing and for me to thoroughly explain it. I want to personally thank every single member that has ever passed through the audition process into this group and past and present, thank you for giving me a real sense of achievement with this roleplay, it’s time to say good bye. Good bye and thank you :) 

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So excited for what most of you know about!
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Any apps, questions or any of the such?

Anonymous: is Jade open? She hasn't updated in like 4 weeks. 

The roleplayer is on hiatus!


I’ll be super active tomorrow! School and stuff is killing me.

Yah, back at school bitchez (kind of) But yeah! 


Any fc requests whilst I’m milling around?